Dipping Powder Nail Polish

Dipping Powder Nail Polish

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Tips from customer:

-Don’t try to mix the colors by layering, they’re not at all opaque and do not mix. The first time I tried applying pink over the red, thinking I may get more of a fushia, but it didn’t work out. However, on the second try, I mixed some of the glitter powder in with another brand’s purple and some of the “unicorn powders” and it worked wonderfully. So, if you do mix, do it in powder form, before application.

-Keep the base liquid as thin as possible and if you coat the free edge, come back and brush over the top or you may end up with a big lump at the end of the nail.

-Do two coats of activator to make sure the powder is fully hardened and tap with your file to make sure you hear it hardened before filing. If not fully hardened, it will gum up and you’ll have to redo.

-If you need to do more than 3 dips, after the third, activate, file, and then add bond again before dipping the fourth. More than 3 at once gets too thick so it doesn’t harden properly and gets gummy. It helps to take off some of the bulk after the third and try to keep the fourth as thin as possible. But you CAN re-dip after activating, just be sure to re-file and bond so that there is a rough surface to grab on to.

-The top coat feels like a nail glue if you touch it. It dries fast but needs 3-5 mins to fully set. It doesn’t dry tacky like a gel top, but I was still able to buff over a unicorn powder finish. If you have to do 2-3 top coats, give them up to 10-15 mins to fully dry and know that with the glue like consistency, they will imprint if anything touches them before fully dried.

-If you use a drill, try the lowest settings if possible, and keep a very even, sweeping motion from side to side. If you hold too long in one place or try to drill more specifically without ‘the sweep,” you may end up with visible file lines.


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