Quick Dip Powder System Kit

Quick Dip Powder System Kit

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Step01 Apply Clear Powder

Firstly clean up your nails, apply base coat to nails and then dip nails into clear powder. Applying clear powder will make the nails last longer and more durable. Also nail colors can be much better.

Step02 Apply Base Coat

Secondly apply base coat again and then dip into color dip powder, then wait it dry, need about 5-10 seconds. Usually, repeat the operation by 2-3 times for better colors.

Step03 Apply Activator

Apply activator protect and wait it dry, it's nearly zero-time quick dry. Touch the nail and make sure it dry enough, and then buff the nails to make it smooth.

Step04 Apply Top Coat

Apply top coat to the nail surface and wait seconds to dry. And then apply top coat again to make sure the nail more shinning.


Q:The produce including dip powder and gel kit?

A: The dip powder and gel kit separate sell. The item price is different.


Q:The nail have white something on the nail affer apply gel top, what's problem of dip powder gel?

A: Because the liquid is slow dry, please buff and shape the nails when sealer dry totally dried.


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