Nail Dipping Liquid Set

Nail Dipping Liquid Set

IBN is committed to producing high-quality dipping powder, nail drill, callus remover, nail dust collector, nail lamp and other beauty nail salon.
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WARM TIPS: Hope you will get wonderful D.I.Y Dipping Powder French Nail experience with IBN dipping kit!

1. Our dip nail powder kit is better for wear resistance. If not satisfactory enough for the luster, you can use a nail buffer to polish nail surface to achieve a desired higher gloss. The dip top coat is brighter with more polished. If you scratched nails during housework or else, you can renew the nail gloss by polishing to keep a long-lasting shiny surface for even 14 days.


2. To avoid any non-stick, not long-lasting, easily peel off feedback from bad reviews, you should file and clean the nail surface firstly to confirm the nails free of dust particles.


3. It is a must to make sure each layer is dry for applying next layer, specially when you apply one thin powder and base gel. Notice to apply evenly each thin layer of base gel, activator, powder and top coat to cover entire nail surface, and the powder should be dipped quickly. It is important to not applying gels back and forth on nail for avoiding . It is a very important and correct operation to avoid any thick unnaturalness french nails!


4. After applying base and top gels, remember to wipe the rest liquid on brush in order to no seal cap with bottle, avoiding the brush or cap will be sealed by liquid and difficult to open next time.


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