Nail Monomer Liquid For Dip

Nail Monomer Liquid For Dip

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An easier way to do beautiful full cover french manicures, please see the steps of the product image above.

1. When shape and polish your natural nails, apply nail prep to all nails and wait 20 s to let air dry.

2. Evenly apply a thin base gel on nail.

3. Quickly and evenly dip whole nail into nature powder.

4. Apply a very thin base gel again and dip nail into signature color powder to make smile line for 2 s.

5. Repeat step 2 and 4 (wipe off any excess powder).

6. Apply activator and let air dry for 20 s.

7. Then lightly file nail and apply a thin layer activator again.

8. After air dry, apply a thin top coat on nails for twice.(If not good to apply one layer, you can apply the second layer again, but remember to apply a layer of activator once before.)洋红 (2).jpg

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