Organic Nails Acrylic Powder

Organic Nails Acrylic Powder

IBN is committed to producing high-quality dipping powder, nail drill, callus remover, nail dust collector, nail lamp and other beauty nail salon.
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Product Details

Can I use for dipping?

yes, you can

Product Description

Organic Nails Acrylic Powder

105 colors in stock, 365 colors for choose

Just add Organic Nails Acrylic Powder to whatever you are using either gel or acrylic

They can be used a natural or false nail tips

Clean the surface of your nails, brush the coat base

Professional Nail Art Tool for Nail Technician

Suitable for professional, nail salon, nail art school / college, nail art artist and personal / home use, wholesale, etc

How to use Organic Nails Acrylic Powder:

1.Apply a coat base.

2.Dip tip of the entire nail into the dish, brush off excess Organic Nails Acrylic Powder.

3.No need nail dryer.

4.Polishing with a buffer block

5.Apply a top coat.

6.Finish nail.


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