Dipping Powder Nail Designs

Dipping Powder Nail Designs

IBN is committed to producing high-quality dipping powder, nail drill, callus remover, nail dust collector, nail lamp and other beauty nail salon.
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Usage Method

1. Prep the nail with one coat base. Then apllly one coat of base to the nail plate, keeping a three-hairline margin around the cuticle and sidewalls.

2. Dip the nail into tray of color powder. Repeat until the desired opacity is reached.

3. Apply 1 coat of sealer dry to the powder-coated nail and allow it to dry. Then, lightly file the nail and apply another coat of sealer dry.

4. Apply 1 coat of top coat, wait 20s to dry, to finish, clean up the remaining powder around nail and apply cuticle oil.


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