I.b.n. Nail Dip Powder

I.b.n. Nail Dip Powder

IBN is committed to producing high-quality dipping powder, nail drill, callus remover, nail dust collector, nail lamp and other beauty nail salon.
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Product Details

IBN Dip Powder                   Ordinary Dip Powder

1. Fine powder                     1. Rough

2. 100% transparent             2. 65% transparent

3. Nontoxic material             3. Carcinogen

4. Odorless                            4. Irritating smell

1. Apply base on your nail(natural nail).

2. Dip into the transparent powder.

3. Apply base to the entire nail.

4. Dip into desired powder.

5. Apply base to the entire nail.

6. Dip into desired powder.

7.Apply activator to the nail.

8. File/Shape/Buff

9. Apply gel top to the entire drill with quick, thin strokes.

10. Wait the last gel top air dry & apply gel top again. Allow this gel top to air dry for 2 minutes.

11. Carry out.




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