Quick Dip Nail Polish

Quick Dip Nail Polish

IBN is committed to producing high-quality infiltration powder, polishing pen, foot grinding device, vacuum cleaner, nail lamp and other beauty nail instruments.
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Product Details

No UV light needed 

Easy removal&fast application 

Shinning finish that lasts over 2 weeks  


Strong & durable 

Light Weight & Flexible  

Water Resistant  

Environmentally Friendly  


1. File and shape nails

2. Then clean surface with cleanser

3. Apply base

4. Use brush to dust color powder on 1/2 of the nails

5. And another colors to rest 1/2 of the nails

6. Apply base

7. Repeat step 4.5.

8. Apply base gel

9. Dip whole nail into dip powder

10. Apply activator then air dry

11. Use a cotton remove excess activator

12. Apply top coat

13. If surface not shine enough, use a nail shiner

14. Apply nursing oil


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