Quick Dip Nail Powder

Quick Dip Nail Powder

IBN is committed to producing high-quality infiltration powder, polishing pen, foot grinding device, vacuum cleaner, nail lamp and other beauty nail instruments.
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Product Details

1. Special primer of IBN dip powder for finger application

2. Put the nail in the powder and dip the dip powder, and use the loose powder brush to remove the extra thick part.

3. Special activator of IBN dip powder for finger application

4. Apply finger IBN nail seal

5. Finished, no need nail lamp for dip powder nail

Our Service

1) The most advanced producing technology and top quality materials,Eco-friendly

2) One-stop wholesale of beauty and personal care products

3) A large number of stock can send your order out in 2-3 days

4) Focus on Alibaba / Amazon /SEO,provide quality photos and can drop shipping

5) New products update very fast,can provide personalized customization service


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