How should nail polish usually be stored?

- Apr 30, 2018-

Nail polish bottle often open and close, will make the solvent inside very easy to evaporate. Once this component evaporates, nail polish can become thick and sticky. The same thing can happen with nail polish. Solvent should be in hollyness place volatilizes originally, such nail polish ability is dry, have a plenty of what let nail polish volatilize is faster, nail polish is able to get faster. If you paint too much nail polish at once, you can use a few drops of light water to reapply the polish. Nail polish should only be diluted two or three times. Acetone or polish remover is not a good solution for thinning nail polish. If nail polish is not used for a long time, the color pigment will precipitate, so shake, or hold the warm hand. The metal spheres in the bottle disperse the ingredients at the same time. Unopened nail polish lasts for three years.