How to maintain your nails after doing manicures

- Sep 26, 2018-

Nail art is a favorite decoration of many beautiful girls. Some may simply paint their nails, while some may invite several sisters to have a manicure. Either way, it will do harm to our nail health. So how do you maintain your nails after a manicure? The following is the introduction of nail care methods after manicure and so on, I hope it can help you.

The hand that just finished manicure, when doing housework had better take glove, avoid fingernail to contact scour overmuch, bring about manicure to fall off prematurely, bring about not beautiful circumstance to appear.

More attention should be paid to the daily care of the hands. The dead skin on the edge of the nails may make the nails fall off and affect the beauty of the fingers. Therefore, the fingers should be rubbed with oil to keep the hands tender.

Change the habit of doing things with your fingertips. For example, when typing on a computer, change the habit of typing with your fingertips and use your fingertip instead. This can avoid nail wear caused by prolonged use.

We like to use nail clippers when we trim our nails, but after we get a manicure, we have to change this habit. Nail clippers tend to get out of control when they are clipped, which can lead to excessive clipping and poor appearance.

After the edge of the nail is cocked up, do not deal with it by yourself. It is likely to damage the nail when you tear it by yourself. You'd better go to a nail salon and ask the manicurist to remove it.

Besmear protects frost more, good-looking manicure should deserve to go up a pair of beautiful hands, because this should notice the nurse of the hand, daub protects frost more, let both hands maintain moist avoid coarse.