Is the nail harmful to the body in the end?

- Feb 27, 2018-

1. a lot of girls like to do manicure, so manicure is harmful to the body?
Seemingly everyone is not very thorough understand the nail itself, like a manicure won't cause harm, not only will the appropriate protection, in fact, decoration class nail includes all kinds of decorations, decals, and so on, and dot drew about nail glue, polish rubbings etc. Such techniques have strict operating procedures, all in the early period of the need to wear nail polish to clean, besmear nutrition oil and softener peeling, then besmear bottom oil. These procedures will be beneficial to nail protection, no harm oh.

2. What are the different forms of manicure on the market?
Manicure is still full of rapid development, the current nail shape on the market has nail brush painting, nail hook painting, nail spray painting, patch nail, crystal nail, phototherapy resin nail, which is now the most popular phototherapy resin nail, of course, we say nail oil glue is a kind of phototherapy resin nail oh.

3. what is phototherapy resin a?
It is the replacement of crystal nail, it is colorless tasteless without chemicals, is the use of uv natural resin polymerization on the surface of the real nail, resulting in a tough, shiny nail, it not only does not hurt the real nail, on the contrary, more increase the strength of the nail.

4. nail oil glue and nail polish, light treatment resin nail difference
Glue is one of the types of resin gel nails, nail polish is generally of nail polish, unlike nail glue, phototherapy gel oil colloid to thicker than armor, both as to through the phototherapy light, difference in armor, phototherapy gel can directly do the polish glue because it's thin, it is not recommended to do a, only suitable for inunction surface, or through the way of post nail do armour. Nail oil glue is a new one or two years, with fast drying, bright color, high saturation characteristics are loved by everyone.

5. How long can the nail polish glue last?
Half a month to a month is the natural shedding period of nail oil glue, the correct protection can make nail oil glue Ming yan longer.

6. How to clean and remove the nail polish glue
Nail polish remover requires special nail polish remover to remove the nail polish, so the damage to the nail is very small, and now some good quality nail polish remover on the market is available with ordinary nail polish remover can be removed.

7. inferior armour oil harm is very big, how to distinguish the actor and actress of fingernail polish?
Smell, really good nail polish won't have a heavy formaldehyde smell, and the smell won't be too pungent.
Look at the shape and pull out the bristles. Good nail polish is drip-like.
See reaction, high quality nail polish easy to coat, dry quickly, can form a uniform coating, dry without pores.