Nail grinder is essential when unloading armor!

- Aug 14, 2018-

Since the grinding head is directly polished on the glue, the dust will be larger than when the sand bar is used for grinding. But nail polishers come with vacuum cleaners, so don't worry about the dust.

Secondly, under normal circumstances, manicurists will wear masks when they do manicures, which is a kind of self-protection and professional image display. During the manicure, customers always keep a certain distance from their hands, so they don't have to worry about dust being sucked into the respiratory tract. The following is a manicure grinding machine factory to teach you the process of nail unloading hope love manicure MM to use!

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It is recommended to use ceramic grinding head, which will not generate heat due to excessive friction, and the grinding machine speed is moderate to slow.

Put the polishing machine on the nail surface and slightly polish it for a few times. First, feel the approximate thickness of glue, so as to facilitate the control of the nail unloading strength.

Then the nail is removed according to the grinding method from the top down.

When unmounting the nail, I am most afraid of not controlling the strength well and choosing the direction of polishing:

Firstly, polish the upper, middle and lower positions of the nail surface with a grinding machine, because the nail surface is curved. After grinding three points, polish the nail surface from high to low radian.

After polishing the glue in the middle of the nail surface, there are still edges and some residual glue. At this time, the rotation speed should be adjusted lower, and the grinding head and the nail surface should be polished at an Angle less than 45 degrees.

When there are residual colors on the nail surface, replace the grinding head of the sand ring. Note that the ceramic grinding head is vertical grinding, and the grinding head of the sand ring is horizontal grinding.

After polishing the clean color, use the dust brush to sweep a few circles along the nail surface to clean the nail surface dust to complete the nail unloading!

In addition to the above two grinding heads, this grinding machine is also equipped with several very practical nursing grinding heads:

Flat - end grinding head for trimming

The dead skin of a and feet can be polished from all angles