Nail steps at home big reveal

- Jan 02, 2019-

Before manicure, we must wash our hands. First, soak our hands with warm water and clean the dirt on our nails. Then, we need to take good care of our nails.

Step 2 - use a nail polish polisher

After the first step, we need to use a nail polisher to gently polish the edge of the nail. After polishing, we need to polish, because the surface of our nails is not so smooth, we just need to polish it.

Step 3 - nutrient softening

Because the cuticle of our fingernail edge often can be very dry and hard and still can peel, divide thorn, so we need to use cuticle softener to carry on bate fingernail. Before facing fingernail to do so much action, should besmear on fingernail brim below that a surface nutrient, will caress fingernail.

Step 4 -- paint

Apply a base coat of oil to your nails to keep them from yellowing when they are removed and to protect them. If coloring, it is the color that chooses oneself to like besmear goes on fingernail namely, the little skill of coloring is about to depend on oneself try more, next oneself go summarizing went.

Step 5 - use a nail roaster

Paint your favorite color and outline the pattern so you can put your hands in a nail light machine and bake them. This way, your nails will dry quickly and you'll be ready to go on a date.

The last and most important step is the coat. Baking again not only gives the nail a shine, but also protects the polish from fading.