Nail Training 6 tips to save lacquer nail

- Jun 25, 2018-

Tip 1
If the nail itself is long enough, it is recommended to use a nail file to remove paint from the fingertips. If the paint has come off the tips, use nail scissors to trim the ends.

TiP 2
Directly in the paint off the place fill on the primary color nail oil, and then apply polish nail oil to protect and polish the nail surface; If refers to the surface is destroyed the area to be big, may also directly cover up the entire nail tu yo.

Tip 3
Use another color of nail polish and apply it at the end of the paint to create an elegant French manicure!

Tip 4
If only a single nail drops paint, consider painting the nail in a different color and it will instantly turn into a special contrasting nail color

Tip 5
If the paint is particularly small, it's a good idea to add a little extra detail to your nails, or use a glitter to stick to the imperfections

Tip 6
Use a nail polish with lots of sequins to cover it up. You can choose to paint the whole or only half of the nail to create another gorgeous style.