The grinding of the thick skin of the electric foot grinder can achieve the ideal effect

- Aug 06, 2018-

Compared with manual pedicure tools (pedicure stone, foot scraper, etc.), the electric foot grinder has the following characteristics:

1. Do you need to soak your feet in advance? The special knife head of the electric foot grinder has the feature of "hard to eat, soft to eat", which indicates that you can use the electric foot grinder for pedicure without soaking your feet in advance. It saves the inconvenience of not being able to soak feet under some circumstances, or the time-consuming process of soaking feet. And manual pedicle appliance needs to soak foot beforehand commonly bate thick corneous layer, otherwise manual pedicle does not have method to grind thick cocoon, dead skin, dead flesh to wait;

2, whether to repair thick fingernail effect: electric foot grinder, electric rotation repair grinding, force foot, not only on the foot calluses, pad, dead meat, thick skin repair grinding can achieve the desired effect. And to thick fingernail, the repair of fingernail is worn the effect is very good also. And manual pedicure appliance, to the repair of foot chrysalis, dead skin, thick chrysalis grind is to pass bate cuticle to undertake beforehand, conceivable, to thick fingernail, fingernail is to do not have method to repair grind.

3, repair the effect of grinding the foot cocoon can achieve the same ideal effect: electric foot grinding machine electric pedicure, just hold the machine at the grinding part of the ring grinding can be. Simple operation, smooth and smooth feet. Manual pedicure device, you need to control the strength, too shallow to be effective, too deep is more likely to damage.