The way to do nail polish should be prevented

- Apr 02, 2018-

1. Just like the pre-makeup barrier, the first step of a manicure is to apply primer to help protect the nail from damage. The bottom oil contains keratin amino acid, VE and other nourishing ingredients, which can help nail bed become more tenacious, prevent nails from becoming dull and broken, and improve the gloss and tenacity of nail surface after removing nail oil.

2. Nail tools should be sterilized regularly
Forceps, scissors and other tools used in manicure need to be wiped and disinfected with alcohol cotton balls on a regular basis.
Softener gently removes dead skin
Epidermal softener can quickly soften and moisturize the skin on the edge of the nail to prevent barbs. Minimize damage to the skin around the fingers.

3. Reduce the use of quick-drying nail polish oil
Quick-drying nail polish is considered convenient by most people, but the volatile nature of quick-drying nail polish oil is often high, so the chemical composition is high. Advocate professional manicure products with environmental protection natural nail polish through the national quality inspection agency of the composition of the test, the basic does not contain formaldehyde and other harmful cheap raw materials, in the use of higher safety, direct damage to the respiratory system has also been minimized.

4. Apply nail polish polish in a ventilated environment
Through daylong volatilize, fall asleep in the evening before, the odour that fingernail remains is right respiratory system effect nature abates greatly. Choose a well-ventilated large space, so that the smell of oil and gas as soon as possible, reduce the inhalation of excessive chemical gas, to avoid dizziness, nausea and discomfort symptoms.

5. Get calcium in your nails
Weak nails need to strengthen the nursing, played this time just need hard shell oil, vitamin E, calcium, protein improved formula and other formula can effectively accelerate the nail thickening, form a protective film, strengthen and moist surface, increase the toughness of the nail bed, generally continuous use 1 week, you will find nails really become strong many.

6. Pamper your nail
According to the nail growth cycle and the characteristics of the special design to accelerate the growth of nails, for the slow growth of the fragile nail bed, provide necessary nutrients for the growth of nails, accelerate the growth rate of nails. After 10 days or so of careful use, you will find that growing long nails is no longer so difficult.

7. Recovery period
Phototherapy armor in addition to the need to use special unloading a liquid discharge is divided, then need to polishing nails, even after must give more nail repair time, at least to nail a week's rest, cooperate with the proper maintenance of nursing at the same time, make them back to the full, tenacity, luster feeling health when consider the next nail plan again.

8. Nourishing massage cream
After removing the nail polish, the nails are generally dull and dull, and special care is needed to make the nails recover quickly. The horniness in fingernail nutrition massage cream moist composition can provide fingernail a layer to nourish protective film. Remember to gently massage the nail surface with the finger abdomen, increase the microcirculation around the nail, enhance the support ability of nail bed. Of course, if you don't have a special nail nourishing massage cream, hand cream is also a good alternative. Do not think that hand cream is only used to maintain hand skin, its nourishing ingredients for improving the gloss of nails also have a good effect.

9. Plants dye their nails
Henna also known as henna, henna can be dyed plants, pick the petals of the red, plus alum pounded mud, apply on the nail, and then tenacious leaves wrapped, tied with a thread, to prevent the package fell. The next morning, when the package is gently opened, the nails magically turn red, a color that can last for days.