Tips for DIY nail art at home

- Oct 09, 2018-

Nail experts say: before making a beautiful look, be sure to thoroughly clean your fingertips and nails. The best method is after burnish fingernail gives proper shape, with make up cotton is dipped in high grade nail wash, wipe fingernail surface gently, the grease of surface and impurity go together get rid of. Then apply a base coat to make sure the polish lasts longer and has a better color.

Priming oil

Some girls in order to be lazy, often omit the nail polish this step, directly with colored nail polish for manicure, this is not right. Before besmear coloured armour oil, besmear on a layer of base oil, can prevent fingernail to become yellow, the hardness that makes fingernail increases, follow-up coloured armour oil also can better coloring, color is stable not easy fall off. It is recommended to coat each nail with nail polish and let it dry naturally.

The thickness of the nail polish should be moderate

When besmear coloured armour oil, hold fingernail polish in palm first, the temperature that USES palm gives armour oil heat, make the temperature of armour oil approaches temperature. Then dip the appropriate amount of nail polish, brush and nail surface was 65 degrees Angle, thin, evenly coated with a layer. Wait for the first layer to dry, then brush the second layer, let the color more saturated. Need to pay attention to is: if the colored nail oil has appeared condensation phenomenon, can not continue to use.

Don't apply nail polish to your skin

When painting nail polish, to accurately control the area of the application, nail polish as far as possible not to touch the skin around the nail, or easy to cause nail oil off. When reapplying nail polish, hold a tennis ball or other ball of the same size so that the fingers can separate naturally, which is good for nail polish. If you accidentally apply polish to the edges of your nails, quickly use a cotton swab to remove the undried polish.

TuLiang oil

The polish is the final step in the manicure and is used to shape and brighten the entire look. Can protect the color of nail polish, effectively prevent nail oil decolorization and drying. Professionals suggest applying a second coat of varnish every three to four days to give your nails a more permanent color.