What is the difference between nail polish and nail polish?

- Feb 06, 2018-

Today's nail industry continues to develop, nail products are also upgrading. So we have all kinds of brands of nail polish and nail polish glue, but for many nail art lovers, still do not understand what the difference between nail polish and nail polish glue, although only a word difference, but the gap between them is still very big!

The polish glue

What it does: the main ingredients are natural resins and some color materials, which solidify rather than evaporate when exposed to uv light and form a plastic like film.

Characteristic: glossiness, wear-resisting degree and firm degree are better than nail polish, the most important is it hardly volatilizes gas, basic insipidity, the time that shine on dry also needs 9 minutes only. And can make more different nail style.

However, the glue should be placed in a light-proof bottle and stored away from light.

Nail polish

Ingredients: 70%-80% volatile solvent, about 15% nitrocellulose, a small amount of oil solvent, camphor, titanium dioxide and oil soluble pigment, etc.

Action: nail polish contains solvents volatile formation of colored film, this layer of film attached to the nail can present color.

Features: no need for lights, so nail polish is usually placed in a transparent bottle, sealed when preserved.