Why does nail polish glue?

- Jun 26, 2018-

In fact, all of the nail glue is shrink, just different degrees, there are shrink glue nail glue elastic strength is good, there are shrink glue nail glue coloring will be solid. It is very easy to overcome the phenomenon of shrink, through the glue coating skills can be.

The first: shrink glue phenomenon is the glue less to the place of glue more shrink, glue thin to the place of glue thick shrink, master this principle can control all brands of nail oil glue.

The 2nd: besmear glue skill, the first time must be thin, no matter even not even, besmear in armour face first thin thin, shine on the light; The second time, you can on a little thick, if it is metal glue, it is not too thick, you can paint three times if you think the color is not solid enough.

Painted skills: from the trailing edge to leading edge besmear, with adhesive to the tip of the finger with adhesive, with the brush is not very pressing brush, but a light with a brush, feeling is a brush with the glue to the tip of the finger sliding, with a few times more, nail serging of glue so thick, refers to the leading edge near the small nail skin thin, if the glue is also to the tip of the finger shrinkage, look not to come out, and the color of natural transition effects.