Autumn/winter Nail Trend Selection

- Feb 20, 2018-

Manicure is the love of mm, of course, all the year round popular style is not the same, if the summer is too thick and heavy will give a person a very dull feeling, if the winter is too fresh and fresh will give a person a very cool and refreshing feeling, so, choose the right style is also convenient with winter!

What colors are everyone getting this fall and winter? Among them most qiu dong flavour, be about to count the following this element! I would like to share with you my favorite style:

1. The classic fashion elements of wool, plaid and plush are about to return! Suitable for all ages and different women's daily work and life, as well as attending any occasions; These low-key and not monotonous classic elements, how to match on manicure? Wool wool money is contracted have simple sense again, can use any color to undertake collocation ~ reoccupy advocate color comes monochromatic daub other fingernail, use water to get or metallic adorn article to adorn next, full "yuan wind" came out!

Or choose a pink or nude tone for the woolen fabric! All show elegant temperament! If emphasize the white line in wool cloth money, use ground sand to seal a layer again, can let wool cloth money appear stereo feeling dye-in-the-wood, super lifelike!

2. Three-dimensional "small fragrance" camellia style, set lovely, gorgeous, noble in a suit, regardless of the size is very good-looking! And pearl adorn article special build, Burberry classical case grain, it is qiu dong is exclusive simply! Besides classic official match colors, still can try to use other match colors, line of case grain, undertake describing with the means of dash line, can have the feeling of knitted fabric more! If you use ethnic colors, it will be more representative of the length of the dashed line combination, and inkjet or light gradient color combination, reminiscent of the autumn and winter warm ponchos or scarves! Add thick case grain to match again on coarse simple sense, have the feeling of fleece very much!

To grasp the trend trend of manicure, even with the Internet is not enough, but also more reference to nail magazine wind direction indicators! Or you can find nail powder manufacturers star small series I make a friend exchange, my family has always mastered the fashion trend, fresh nail polish, nail powder and so on have, perhaps we can put these nail oil play more creative!