Can Nail Light Really Cause Cancer?

- Oct 08, 2018-

Nail lamp, also known as nail light therapy lamp. It is specially used for drying phototherapy glue in manicure process and is often used in manicure salon. Because one type of nail lamp is an ultraviolet light source, a study published on December 16 in the American journal of cancer showed that UV nail lamps, a tool used for professional and personal nail art, do not increase the risk of skin cancer.

Dr Alina Markova and Dr Martin a. Weinstock compared the amount of exposure to narrow spectrum UVB light therapy (NBUVB) from three common UV nail lamps. Use the light carcinogenic spectrum (scp-h) to test the effective radiation dose of each device. Every 10 minutes, the carcinogen and effective radiation of each uv nail lamp will be detected. Scp-h is used to measure radiation in potentially carcinogenic uv nail light treatments and in each individual narrow spectrum light treatment.

The researchers found that uv nail lamps emit UVA rays rather than UVB and UVC rays. The maximum spectral radiant energies of ray A, ray B(containing fluorescent lamps) and ray C (containing light-emitting diodes) are 15253,15202 and 2845 mwm-2, respectively.

The results of the three uv nail lamp studies suggest that nail lamp nail irradiation is a single narrow spectral irradiation within a local range and has no clinical significance in increasing the risk of skin cancer.