Color Selection Of Nail Immersion Powder

- May 01, 2018-

Small make up today to share with you a wave of nail art design and color, have a good feel wanted to do nail color, once in silence before six color nail color began to tangle attacks, don't know how to start, actually whether nail infiltrating powder or nail polish color terms, according to some requirements of the workplace and their skin color to choose, but pink west, whether nail infiltrating powder or other polish or is always a joker!

Share the pink nail polish first! When it comes to pink, the girls I like are really fond of it to the extreme. Pink lovers dream of living in a pink world and wish the air were all pink. However, some girls don't like pink very much. The feeling that pink gives a person is lovely in taking different advanced feeling, the girl that does not accept pink quite, can start from the cheek that pink dizzy catch is red armour first, gutty bashful da da feeling, look a bit not hyperbole; For example, some delicate Japanese manicures are mixed and matched with pink nail wetting powder and some colors of the same low saturation, which looks very harmonious, alleviating the overly delicate complex feeling of Japanese manicures, and making the fingertips present a softer and more delicate feeling, which is very durable. Occasionally skin, do on lovely wool pattern, can let finger tip very lively and lovely!

In addition, pink nail infiltration powder and pink purple nail infiltration powder together is really very beautiful, very temperament, at the same time this color is very white, black girls do not have to worry, made of French elegant and generous, increase the delicate feeling of manicure, office workers are also very suitable! Pink nail infiltration powder with nude nail infiltration powder, do some wave point to make the nail, is also very good-looking, there is a kind of sweet lady wind, in temperament is also very good!

There is a pink nail infiltration powder to complete the gradient style is a lot of girls do the first gradient nail, compared to the pink nail infiltration powder made of pure color nail, the gradient effect is more delicate, there is a kind of gentle and sweet temperament, will make your whole look better!

According to small make up tell is a kind of very important foundation tool only, color is very much, but want you to develop originality and imagination only, can play turn out all sorts of nail design, let fingernail revealing beauty and tasteful!