Development Prospect Of Manicure Franchise Industry

- Jan 30, 2019-

First, nail, in fact the technology itself in time of China's development is a very, from small mill type stores to today's chain stores, technology is more and more professional, store model is becoming more and more professional, nail in the future will become a kind of culture, a kind of fashion, in this case, the market to the manicure store must also grow constantly enrich and improve themselves, so as to better development!

Second, manicure has become the fifth economic consumption hot spot of Chinese people, now the total consumption value of manicure franchise store market has reached 500 billion yuan, the growth rate from 2% to 15%, the growth rate is second only to the IT industry, therefore, can resist the coming of the economic crisis again.

Third, in China is relatively late start, from the beginning of a single storefront services, to the present comprehensive service, including manicures, beautiful body, color diagnosis, image design, clothing collocation and other diversified industries, and from the point of view on the market at present, brand chain nail franchise store is also the majority of market share, people pay more attention to the brand effect, and a mature salon chain brand, also attracted many investors to join, the whole market system is more and more healthy.

As can be seen from the above content, nail art technology has been developing well in the Chinese market. In the future, with the growth and development of technology, more consumers will demand nail art, and new space will appear in the market. Under such circumstances, nail art is still a good industry!