Experience On Nail Polish By Nail Immersion Powder Manufacturers

- Apr 02, 2018-

Nail infiltrating powder manufacturers optimal star small make up often DIY nail art, many types of nail polish home design, now also often use an infiltration powder play nails, but we realize the creative process, don't bring nails or skin damage, some mm might like small make up when I first started often make the following mistakes, really bad:

1. It is not reasonable to take a hot bath immediately after painting nail polish or nail wetting powder. Even if the surface no longer seems to stick, but after hot water washing or steam transpiration, beautiful appearance will be deformed, or even bubble. So wait at least an hour before you take a shower.

2. Don't go to sleep right away. In fact, a well-done nail won't be completely dry and set until 24 hours later. Have you ever gotten up in the morning and found a new manicure with a squiggle on it? Here's a tip: after you've finished all your manicures, wait a few minutes to let the surface dry. Wash your hands with cold water for three to five minutes to help set the nail polish faster. Be careful not to let the water rush directly to the nail surface, or the gravity of the water will ruin the new manicure;

3. can not leave out the bright oil, bright oil is the last process, do not omit. Polish is the nail's first line of defense, and in addition to adding shine and being more blingbling, it keeps the color on longer. If you apply your own shine every other day, you'll see your manicurist later.

4 omit the bottom oil is also not good, some people say that they painted nail oil is always uneven, and some people complain that after removing nail oil nails become yellow. The reason is that they didn't put it on. The function of bottom oil is to isolate natural armour face and armour oil, prevent fingernail to be stained, avoid fingernail to layer or fracture, it is absolutely cannot little;

5. Have you ever applied too much nail polish or nail polish polish once and waited too long to get the same amount of color on your nails as you did in the bottle? That's right, even if it takes more than half an hour and you stumble onto something and it falls apart. The correct way to apply nail polish oil is to apply a thin layer every time, wait for two minutes and then apply again, repeated two to three times, and so do very quickly dry through, with nail powder is very convenient!

6. Use expired nail polish oil or nail wetting powder and other products. Nail oil and nail wetting powder are also time-limited. As time goes by, the solvent in armour oil can evaporate slowly, with naked eye can see armour oil becomes thick, some even pull silk. Even if you are reluctant to apply, the agglomeration of a grain is really affect the aesthetic. It is recommended that you clean up regularly and throw away any nail polish that has been bought for more than 12 months!