How To Distinguish The Good Or Bad Of Nail Polish Glue

- Jul 02, 2018-

Method 1: look at a nail polish glue, we do not need to pay too much attention to its bright appearance, but to look at its color card. See this nail polish glue color card (1) color (2) color (3) texture (4) thin

(1) color: the color of nail polish glue is the main parameter we choose. Are the numerous colors we need? Are they popular in the market? Actual color and color card have chromatic aberration commonly, the size that sees this kind of chromatic aberration emphatically.

(2) color: do not be color card appearance. General color CARDS are coated with a layer of sealing layer, color is better. It is better to apply the nail polish adhesive by yourself. The color is better if you do not apply the coating after phototherapy, which indicates that the formula of this nail polish adhesive is made of a-grade raw materials.

(3) texture: the raw material of nail oil glue is prepared by the base glue and the color paste. If the color paste and the base glue are not well integrated, or even layered, it is definitely not a good glue.

(4) thickness: the color card is related to the thickness of coating nail oil glue, can be a brush -- a thin layer of color on the uniform glue, is a good glue. Conversely the product that besmeared very thick ability achieves beautiful color, be worth your consideration.

Method two: paint, choose a glue must be their own paint a coating. Only personally experience, can feel the characteristics of nail oil glue. Feel the consistency of the nail oil glue, the degree of coloring, the quality of the brush, the feel of the cap... After phototherapy, we can check whether the surface is smooth or not, whether there is blister or wrinkle, which are the key points of our investigation.

Method three: the characteristics of the base glue, the sealing layer and the nail oil glue. A nail oil adhesive to a comprehensive qualitative investigation, must be combined with the three. If there is a problem in any link, it will be difficult for you to choose products that meet the requirements of customers. Base glue, sealing layer and nail oil glue all have soft hard idiosyncrism. We want to keep for a long time the best choice of soft glue, this glue is not easy to crack, fall off. The best choice of the sealing layer scrub sealing layer, because the non - washing sealing layer to add non - washing materials, increasing the hardness.

Method 4: also be the most stupid method, choose glue of a armour oil, do with it go up in the middle finger of his right hand, a month later gives a conclusion, it is again appropriate did not pass.