Nail Brush Cleaning Agent Manufacturer's Manicure Essential Tool Daquan

- Apr 24, 2018-

Explanation from the perspective of professional nail is according to the hand shape, a shape, the color of the skin, clothing and requirements, refers to (foot) armour for disinfection, cleaning, care, maintenance, modification process of beautification, now a lot of mm love nail art, manicure with barbie, phototherapy, etc., style is becoming more and more to you, have all sorts of diy even, but mm are generally salon, necessary a manicure tools, if they think beauty is beauty is also very convenient at home!

Manicure brush cleaner manufacturer youxing has made a list of its own nail tools, not just the basics:

1. disinfectant, disinfectant is mainly used for various disinfection;

2. Nail polish remover, as everyone should know, is used to remove nail oil and residual nail oil;

3. Sand bar, used for the decoration of nail shape, the shape of a is selected according to the hand type, you can also like it;

4. push the skin stick, used for pushing up dead skin, but not too much dead skin mm can not often use this tool, often use the hand without care will become rough;

5. Dead skin softener, used to soften dead skin, so that it will be easier to remove dead skin and won't hurt;

6. Dead skin forceps, used for trimming dead skin;

7. Painting pen, used for painting nail patterns, you can collect some of your favorite patterns on the Internet;

8. Paint pigments, acrylic pigments;

9. Handle the liquid first to effectively prevent the stripping of the nail oil;

10. Base oil, effectively prevent pigmentation;

11. Polish oil, armor and polish;

12. Colorful nail polish;

13. Sequins, nail accessories;

14. Auger, nail decoration;

15. Nail film, full patch and half patch;

16. Nail brush cleaner