Nail Care Before Manicure You Should Know

- Nov 20, 2018-

A lot of beautiful eyebrow like to do manicure very much, so, must nurse good fingernail first before doing manicure, because there are a few chemical substances inside manicure, very easy harm fingernail, not only to fingernail adverse, and still produce harm to health very easily. The United States eyebrow people don't think to do manicure is a very simple thing, in fact, do before the preparation work has a lot of, need to do these sufficient preparation care work, not only can effectively protect the nail, but also can make the nail better look more lasting. So, what nail care preparations do you need before you get your nails done? The United States eyebrow people hurriedly see see!

1. Trim your nails first

Before doing manicure, the United States must first come to manicure, manicure will be a very good-looking and stylish state, to make the manicure will be more beautiful. The United States eyebrow people can be clipped with nail knife oneself fingernail a shape that likes good-looking, want the shape that likes according to oneself to undertake clipping, the manicure that makes so, oneself also can be more satisfactory.

2. Remove dead skin from the edges of your nails

We also have dead skin and cuticles on our hands, and if we don't get rid of them in time, we won't get a good manicure. So, the United States eyebrow people should be after clipping fingernail, give a few dead skin of fingernail brim get rid of, make fingernail becomes cleaner good-looking. Removing dead skin from the edges of your nails is a great way to improve the look of your hands as a whole, and to make your hands look delicate and white.

3. Apply nail care solution

After trimming your nails and removing dead skin and cuticles from the edges, apply a toner to the nail to remove bacteria from the surface. As we all know, hands are exposed to a lot of things every day, so they are contaminated with a lot of bacteria. Girls should kill the bacteria on their hands and nails before manicure, so that they don't have to touch their nails after manicure, so as not to mess up the manicure.

4. Nail wash

The United States eyebrow people before doing manicure, must undertake wash a nail, dip in first take right amount to wash a nail water, undertake cleaning fingernail in the place that daub nail polish, at the same time, also can massage fingernail gently, can give fingernail better so nurse. The purpose of cleaning your nails is to give them a better color and make your hands more comfortable.

5. Final coloring

After a series of preparations, it's time to start painting your nails. Coloring meimei people can be divided into two times, this belongs to the process of doing a manicure, in the process of coloring, need to pay attention to is, do not nail polish on the skin next to the nail, first daub the first time, then daub the second time, you can daub some full, also let the whole nail become particularly beautiful.

Warm summary: the United States eyebrow people after finishing the nail care and manicure, also need to do better to the nail and hand skin care. This will make your manicure look more beautiful and beautiful. It is also very important to take care of the part of the nail before you have a manicure. Doing a good job in front of the nail care can make your manicure more beautiful and lasting. The United States eyebrow people should know, of fingernail maintain also should notice detail, had done these detail, can let you retain the beauty of bit by bit.