Nail Immersion Powder Manufacturers Tell You 7 Things Manicure Can't Do

- Feb 05, 2018-

1. Do not use nail beauty products containing toluene or formaldehyde. Toluene or formaldehyde will not only damage nails, but also bring further harm to human body;

2. Do not let your nails soak in water (especially soapy or detergent water) for too long, and they will become very fragile when they are full of water;

3. Don't open letters with your nails, and pound the keyboard with your nails;

4. do not tear the inverse thorn beside fingernail skin, had better be to cut gently with fingernail knife;

5. Don't let any nail groomer repair your nails directly with unsterilized tools, as many infections can be contracted by sharing nail repair tools with others.

6. Don't ignore inflammation of the nail or the epidermis around the nail, which should be treated with antibacterial agents immediately. If the shape of your nails changes, see your doctor.

7. Don't cut your nails too short. It will damage the underside of your nails.