Nail Immersion Powder Use Steps

- May 22, 2019-

Many mm now will do nail regularly, but most still to do nail salons, rarely do it yourself, all these nail infiltrating powder concrete nail products may even touched the classification is not clear, said it is more difficult using step, so the nail infiltrating type powder was optimized small make up today I put on the table, you learn to use your free play in the home also is very interesting!

In fact, the steps are very simple, just 5 steps:

1. First, apply a layer of calcium nail polish oil on the nail;

2. Then apply a layer of nail polish polish;

3. Then apply a layer of light-colored nail polish to your fingertips;

4. Before the nail polish is dry, dip the nail polish wetting powder into the eyeshadow brush, and then gently flick the brush with your forefinger to make the glitter fall down from the pen, and shake it evenly from the nail tip to the nail root.

5, such as dry coating on top of the sealing oil, so as not to decolorize nail oil can also increase the firmness of bright powder, a layer of dry and then coated with a layer to strengthen, to maintain longer.

Or, simply, clean your nail, apply a special adhesive base, and quickly dip your nails into the powder. Apply a second coat of primer and quickly dip the nail into the powder again. Brush the remaining powder on the nail with blush, apply a layer of desiccant, take a sponge and gently toss the nail surface, and then apply a layer of desiccant, 30-40 seconds later, apply a layer of sealing layer, about 30 seconds after drying and then apply a layer of sealing layer!