Nail Polish Smear The Right Way

- Mar 28, 2018-

Most of the mm is either nail control, or nail control former life, in the face of all kinds of nail color always want to try, home nail polish and lipstick as much as possible, every color has! Nail salon is also a place to stay! However, diy nails can be beautiful at home, and the most important thing is to follow the right steps!

1. Paint the right hand and then the left hand. You should finish painting the difficult direction first. Because generally speaking, besmear fingernail to begin when can compare concentration, besmear the one side that does not go smoothly first good, can reduce the probability of hurrying about!

2. Keep only one side of the amount of nail polish. When touching the nail polish, take the amount of nail polish that can be applied on one side, and the excess can be scraped off at the mouth of the bottle.

3 light bogey press, when a lot of people subconscious besmear fingernail polish, press means, it is to be able to press hard actually so overweight. It is recommended that you apply each layer of nail polish with a light touch.

4. For the first action, gently apply a layer of nail polish to your fingertips. This action can help keep your nail polish more complete and lasting. That is to say, want correct besmear fingernail order, go up from the 2/3 place on fingernail the first layer, the bevel Angle of the brush that USES fingernail polish again, on fingernail left and right sides that has radian, brush downward from the middle of fingernail top finally, make whole fingernail face the evenness action with the end!

5 when 80% dry on the second layer, you finish the first layer on the second layer, be sure to wait until the nail polish when 80% dry again, also the last time on the bright oil, also want to wait for nail polish after 80% dry again. Because every time nail polish goes up a layer, need to wait for time to be longer, want to have patience so, won't go up again when bright oil, the nail polish that you had besmeared before gives scratchy!

6. When you are waiting for the nail polish to dry, there is a way to test it. Use your finger to gently flick the nail polish.