Photogel Common Problems

- Nov 30, 2018-

A brittle fracture

Photogel coating thickness is not enough, or too high temperature, too low is the cause of brittle. Phototherapy glue operating temperature should be controlled in 20 ℃ or so. Modelling glue can besmear a few more. Each layer must be thin and uniform. In order to prevent the occurrence of brittle phenomenon.

Second, the nail surface is sticky and wet after light therapy

This is due to the absence of 95% alcohol used to carefully clean the surface of the nail gel

Three, phototherapy gel does not harden

1. Insufficient time for light therapy

2. Aging or stained light treatment lamp. You should use detergent every day. Lamp tubes should be replaced immediately if they are used for more than safe hours.

3. The hands with phototherapy gel were not put into the phototherapy machine correctly. Did not receive good uv light, need to correct posture to extend phototherapy time.

4, when making French nail phototherapy, need to extend the phototherapy time. Remove the paper tray. Can be in the bottom of light cure fingernail, side ministry is much light cure 1-2 minutes.

Four, phototherapy glue surface is not smooth

The temperature is too low. Photogel can be placed at room temperature or warm area heating.

Five, phototherapy gel mobility

The temperature is too high. It can be used in an air-conditioned room.

Six, phototherapy gel fade or turn yellow

Reaction to the use of sunscreen products. Avoid contact with sunscreen products or use a cleanser immediately after use.

Seven, nail color after phototherapy is dim

Excessive gel on nail surface. Is the cleaning method is improper or not caused by the use of professional detergent. Dab a little cleaner on the sticky surface of the nail and rub away after it dissolves.

Eight, color phototherapy gel peeling or uneven

No super strong wind layer glue applied to the nail surface or color light gel was not fully stirred. The pigment settled on the bottom of the bottle.

Nine, the skin stings

1. Apply photogel to the skin.

2. When phototherapy adhesive is polymerization, it will release heat. If it is applied too thick at one time, it will have a burning sensation during polymerization. Each layer should be thin and even. When a burning sensation is detected. After the hand is taken out, re-light therapy.

Ten, light therapy pen induration

Light therapy pen after use. The brush head must be wiped clean with a paper towel.