Reasons For The Easy Drop Of Nail Polish Glue

- Mar 01, 2018-

Believe doing nail art new baby will have such confusion, why the others do nail a month all don't take off, and do your own nail art began to lose, less than a week have obsessive-compulsive disorder in patients with mm heart may be very uncomfortable, can it really be nice nail is someone's home, yourself can only so, actually, no, the polish glue easily off for many reasons, here today and a rubber oil manufacturers optimal star small make up with everyone fully once a oil glue easily off six big reasons!

1. Inadequate treatment of dead skin: we need to do basic hand trimming and trim the dead skin before nails. If the dead skin is not clear and clean in this process, it will easily fall off after applying nail glue oil;

2. The nail surface grinding does not reach the designated position, as you all know, we actually produce some nail surface grease, can protect the nails, nail babies know, we all need before do manicure with alcohol to wipe off the grease, and then use a sponge polishing file, this is good for the back glue adhesion, and nail surface grinding does not reach the designated position, the polish glue is understandably easy;

3. Nail polish is not properly handled after polishing. Before applying primer, manicurists will polish nail polish for customers. Do not directly touch the nail surface, because the grease will retain the nail surface and cause the adhesion of the back glue is not strong, the nail glue is easy to fall off;

4. Nail glue daub is in the right way, believe learned nail mm know, time shoulds not be too thick too much TuJia oil gel, there are a lot of mm was coated with a thick layer to uniform thick, actually not, nail glue daub is too thick to zou, so brush glue nails shoulds not be too thick, thin brush on two layers, it will be more evenly, and also not zou!!!!

Also, when we apply nail polish adhesive, we must remember to wrap the edge. Most of the babies whose nail edges are easy to fall off have no edge. Here we need to apply nail polish adhesive and then draw the nail edge.