The Difference Between A Oil Glue And Nail Polish

- Mar 14, 2018-

Speaking of nail polish mm is certainly very familiar, some nail control mm see colorful, speechless six colors of nail polish inexplicably have a kind of excitement, how I hope every color can try! Less people know about nail polish glue because it's a product that's used in the burgeoning nail industry!

What's the difference between nail polish and nail polish? First you need to know what nail polish glue is! In fact, nail polish glue and nail polish are used for the same purpose, but the ingredients are very different. Because the nail oil glue is essentially a kind of light healing glue, belongs to the resin material, some similar to plastic. You can also use these as one of the reference standards. There is a difference between making nail polish glue and applying nail polish. Nail glue requires a binder, then color glue and sealing layer. But in terms of hardness and gloss, nail polish remover is much better than regular nail polish and lasts longer. However, the nail oil glue needs to be removed manually. The nail remover used is highly corrosive and will cause great harm to the natural nail! Then nail polish is relatively simple, in essence, nail polish is a kind of lacquer products, can be directly applied on the nail, change the color of the nail, to achieve a beautiful effect. Nail polish glue and nail polish have what distinction, nail polish and nail polish glue are compared, pungent odour wants a few bigger, but the direct harm degree that is opposite in essence fingernail wants a few smaller.