Trends In The Nail Industry

- Dec 26, 2018-

1. The market is expanding

In 2002, the turnover of nail salons only 9, 5.2 billion yuan, nail salons accounted for only 2 of the beauty industry, 8% of the market, the current domestic nail salons turnover estimate up to 70 billion yuan, accounting for 12% share of the beauty industry, industry practitioners of not less than millions, the pearl river delta are industry highlands, workers, it is estimated that there are about 300000 people. With the development of the domestic economy, this number is still growing, which is the trend of the nail industry as a whole.

2. High-end positioning

With the development of economy, people's consumption level has been improved, so that women's pursuit of beauty tends to be high-end and detailed. Manicure is the art of detailed beauty, so it is favored by female consumers. Nail art is developing towards the high-end, large-scale, high-end positioning nail shop has become the mainstream.

3. Diversified functions

As the name suggests, nail shops are used for manicure, such as nail care institutions, hand and foot care, eyelashes, makeup and other diversified projects. At present, China nail industry has gradually become a market. Nail salons have small workshop-style gradually transition to nail salons, nail bar, become cultural exchanges, artistic communication, entertainment, business places.