What Are The Prospects For The Nail Industry

- Dec 07, 2018-

In recent years, nail industry presents the development trend of blowout type. Investors poured into the industry, and nail salons could be found on the streets of major cities. Some people think the nail market has reached a state of saturation, is no longer suitable to open nail shop. Is this really the case? So what are the prospects for the nail industry? Let's find out:

China's accession to the WTO, China's beauty salon must enter the star management, to the standardization, standardization, internationalization. Beauty salons above three stars in the 21st century must add no more items, according to the ministry of health's expert committee on the beauty industry. At present, the manicure consumption level of Chinese people is far from that of western countries. Therefore, the manicure industry in the 21st century will become a sunrise industry in China.

Progress and economic development, industry competition in the market, with low investment, small risk, profit, return on fast and other characteristics of the Chinese nail industry also is in the primary stage of rapid expansion to the development of the take-off transition, which requires the nail industry practitioners should be from the operation and management, professional and technical, overall service quality constantly learning and improving. Manicure products and services, as a rapid economic growth point of the beauty industry, will develop towards the direction of specialization, standardization, scale, service and specialization.

The development trend of "chaoyang enterprise", along with the development of gome economy, will still become an upward trend with a stable increasing rate, the market demand will develop from a few film and television stars, rich women to white-collar workers, married women, young women. And gradually spread to 80% of the female and part of the status, cultured male groups, like makeup as a common people demand. Because the development of a country's economy and culture will promote the improvement of people's self-cultivation and taste. For fashionable women, manicure is not only a collocation of clothes and occasions, but also an ornament to show personal taste, image and personality. It is also a carrier of women's delicate emotional world.

According to the population survey, 368 million women are employed in urban and rural areas in China. If the average manicure more than three times a year for the entire nail industry no longer have to worry about consumers.