What Is The Future Development Trend Of Nail Industry?

- Jan 14, 2019-

Consumer characteristics:

The operation of nail salons has gradually changed from the original "one-pot cooking" to more professional, personalized, personalized and exclusive services and products. Such as nail style of private customization. This is a trend, a simple consumption to luxury consumption of the transformation process, gradually achieve a higher degree of privacy of the senior club. It will be a process of danger and opportunity, success and failure. The great waves rush the sand, and the last is king.

Product features:

As consumer knowledge and cognitive level is higher and higher, ordinary consumption model already can't meet the needs of consumers, as consumers become more and more high to the requirement of product, inferior products market will surely against him, nail products will gradually merge the health, green, pure natural new elements, such as high quality natural high-end brand products will be popular.

Store features:

Salon is the development trend of five-star clubhouse as the goal, to feature, service-oriented, efficacy, sales four aspects as the breakthrough point, in the true sense of hall and women iron nail, care, mascara, hair removal, personal image design, and a variety of transverse industries, including fashion, jewelry, and even the diversification of business negotiation, such as one-stop comprehensive services.

Industry talent characteristics:

The future nail salon talent structure should be guided by planning talents, with knowledge talents as the core, training talents as the support, and professional and service talents as the basis. With the development of nail industry, people's understanding of change, nail industry talent gap will be a new employment highlight. Manicure industry will also get strong and fresh blood, promote the manicure shop development trend more reasonable, higher level development.

Publicity features:

When traditional propaganda cannot solve the industry development of the fundamental problems about propaganda, propaganda in innovation will be is inevitable, the future will take television as the pioneer of nail salons propaganda, to nail art as the theme of the film, TV, documentary, and will be a lot of new mode of enterprise and brand advertising.