Tape Use Acrylic Water Base Adhesive Glue Acrylic Emulsion Powder

Tape Use Acrylic Water Base Adhesive Glue Acrylic Emulsion Powder

IBN is committed to producing high-quality dipping powder, nail drill, callus remover, nail dust collector, nail lamp and other beauty nail salon.
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In the fierce global competition, we have rapidly developed technologies and acrylic nail drill machine, nail led portable lamp, dipping powder 1kg with independent intellectual property rights to enhance our comprehensive strength. We have reputed the market with integrity, and have been recognized by the industry with our strength and product quality. We continue to develop new products in new areas. Also we can produce different hair products according to your samples.

How to use them right?(6 Powder No Gel)

Step 1.Apply gel ous base to entire nail

Step 2.Quickly dip into powder and tap off excess, repeat on all nails.

Step 3.Dust free nails with acrylic brush, making sure to get underneath

Step 4.Repeat steps 2-3 to make sure color is opaque.

Step 5.Apply thin coat of gel ous base, then dip in natural set sheer. Repeat on all nails then apply sealer dry.

Step 6.Shape & buff nails

Step 7.Apply sealer dry to all nails, then wipe off with a paper towel.

Step 8.Apply thin coat of gel top quickly and then reapply second coat the same way.

Step 9.Wait 1 or 2 min. for nails to dry then massage vitamin oil into hands.


In order to meet the needs of product upgrading in the new era, our company actively explores new materials and new processes for Tape Use Acrylic Water Base Adhesive Glue Acrylic Emulsion Powder based on the original production technology. We attach importance to scientific innovation and constantly introduce new products with high technical level and good market prospect. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you need any further assistance.
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