Wax Beans Hair Removal

Professional Wax Machine
Hard Wax Bean
wax Sticks
Bluezoo: 100g/250g/300g/400g bags or tins
Kongsung: 100g/300g/400g/500g bags or tins
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This Hair Removal set includes wax Warmer machine, wax beans and spatulas, all the materials used are natural, non toxic, hygienic and safe. You can use the machine to melt the beans into the wax, and apply it onto your body part with the attached spatulas. It comes with  spatulas for a disposal use, so as to prevent cross infection and reduce the spread of disease. EU, UK and US plugs are available for your choice, so just buy it and don't worry that it can't be used in your country.


• Heat assistant material is used in this machine to prevent overheat causing unnecessary accident.

• 360°heating coil keeps the heat distribution evenly which helps to form the smooth wax fast.

• Break resistant plastic lid is durable and can keep the heat inside for quicker meltdown, transparent color is handy to see through cover and prevent wax contamination.

• Include extra aluminum container which can be removable with handle, so that you can take out it for a convenient use and won't scald your hands.

• Temperature regular control by the knob from low to high, you can adjust at will according to your need. 

• It takes approximately 15 minutes to turn the beans into liquid, the rest procedure is to warm the liquid and turn into wax.

• No need wax paper, no side effect, safe and assured to use.

• Suitable for all types of waxes: Hard waxing, strip waxing, paraffin waxing.

Package Include:

Professional Wax Machine

Hard Wax Bean

wax Sticks 

Bluezoo: 100g/250g/300g/400g bags or tins

Kongsung: 100g/300g/400g/500g bags or tins

IBN brand: 400g/tin

How To Use:

1. Put the heater on a flat desktop, open the cap, pour the wax beans into the wax container.

2. Connect to power supplies and turn on the power switch, the red indicator will light on when it starts working.

3. Turn the temperature control knob and set the dial on "Hi" until the wax achieves a liquid consistency, this process lasts about 15 minutes. For faster heating place the lid on the warmer.

4. Once liquid, place the dial in middle place, the temperature will remain constant throughout the day.

5. When the wax is finishes, lift out the can, using the wax-can holder while the warmer is still warm.

6. Turn the warmer off every evening by full turning the dial counter clock wise, cover the warmer with the clear lid to keep the wax dust-free.

7. Using the spatulas to apply the wax onto the body parts needed hair removal, after it cools, tear off the wax quickly against the hair growth direction. 

8. Clean your skin and moisturize it.

hard bean wax

hot depilatory wax

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