Paraffin Wax Heater Set

Paraffin Wax Heater Set

Suitable for paraffin care on a face, hand, foot, and body. Be used to pamper, smooth and renew hand, feet, and elbows with aromatherapy paraffin wax and gentle heat
The effect can last for at least one month. And the re-grow hair will become thinner and thinner!
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Product Details

1.Heating coil for a fast wax meltdown,moulded in durable heat assistant material and guarantee the quality
2. Temperature regular control and indicator light
3. Suitable for all types of waxes: Hard waxing, strip waxing, paraffin waxing
4. Include extra aluminum container and can be removable with handle
5. See through cover prevents wax contamination
6. Suitable for personal, home and salon use benefits of the heater / warmer
7. By using the heater for about 30 minutes, the wax will melt
8. Adjustable temperature:Max 95 degrees centigrade

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